Thursday, February 10, 2011

Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring

Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring

Heres a link to the MDOP Team Blog which has announced support for Bit Locker administration and monitoring which could work out very well. A beta will be available in March 2011.

To date I have been using Sophos Safe Guard. Sophos acquired German Encryption company Utimaco. Safe Guard Easy is simple to use and very quick however it has limited administration.

Safeguard Enterprise however does have the ability to also manage Bit Locker clients but the Safe Guard Enterprise 5.17 installer just doesn't work and requires a lot of additional work on IIS and SQL.It would be nice to be able to just install an Enterprise Encryption Solution which is easy to manage and I am sure Microsoft's solution will do just that however Im not ready to bin Safe Guard just yet.

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