Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How to use Hardware VSS Writers with DPM 2010

Hardware VSS Snapshots are a really cool integration feature with Microsoft DPM and once up and running they work really well. They also provide the most efficient method for backing up Clustered Shared Volumes.

When a Hardware VSS Writer initiates a Snapshot – It is normally very quick , DPM then backs up the snapshot and not the live Clustered Shared Volume. When Cluster Shared Volumes are being backed up performance can decrease.

I have not seen any step by step guides or blogs on how to do this , So I thought I would post a step by step guide not only for my own records but too hopefully help someone trying to implement hardware vss writers
with DPM.

Here is a complete list of tested Hardware VSS Writers with DPM , Their setup would be very similar to setup I described below. Most Hardware VSS Writers require a license from the Manufacturer.

You can view the Document HERE

A special thanks to Mark Doyle from He helped me out with this one.

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