Saturday, May 11, 2013

QUEST NME unable to create admin pool

In the image above I ran into an issue when trying to create an admin pool for on Quest Notes For Exchange migration toolkit.This was for a migration to Exchange Online.

So the first thing i did was set-executionpolicy unrestricted -force on both the x64 and x32 versions of powershell. But that didn't fix the issue.

Most enterprises have quite a few group policies and sometimes these policies are applied before the machines have been moved to an OU that has inheritance blocked.

So to remove the group policies causing the issue. 

Browse to HKLM\Software\micrsoft\windows\currentversion\group policy and then delete any S-x-x-xx-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx keys.

Ensure you have the Windows Azure Active Directory Module for powershell installed on all the nme machines.

Once I had removed all the group policies I could create the admin pool and proceed with migrations.

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