Friday, February 18, 2011

Cannot push DPM 2010 Agent to 2008R2 DC

I could not figure out why a DPM 2010 Agent would not push to a 2008R2 DC after trying a coule of things I became frustrated , I manually installed , ran the setdpmserver tool but to no avail and here is the really simple fix.

On the DC in the built in users group ensure the following are members of that group.

Domain users
Authenticated users

And here is the latest ROLL UP for DPM 2010


  1. Can you explain how that is done?

  2. Go to your Domain Controller (or if you have admin tools installed skip to next step)
    Open Active Directory Users and Computers
    Go to the built-in folder
    Right click on the users group
    Click the tab that says members of
    Make sure those groups above are in there. If they aren't.. add them.